Interview and select for critical soft skills with the proven MMI.

ProspectHR MMI is the proven, easy to implement and turnkey multiple mini interview system that comes pre-loaded with over 600 expertly written and vetted scenarios which are continually updated. It’s ideal for efficiently interviewing for entry level or leadership roles both in-person and virtually.

We’ve worked with 75+ organizations including:

Our Strengths

Why choose ProspectHR MMI

We’re the proven MMI

Institutions around the world have proven that our MMI is an efficient and effective way to test for critical soft skills.

We’re turnkey

With ProspectHR MMI everything is pre-built for you including 600+ pre-written interview scenarios created by experts.

We’re here for you

Our highly skilled, Canadian support team makes it seamless and straightforward to plan and implement MMI or vMMI.

We’re game changers

Our MMI helps you change the world for the better, one recruit, one profession and one leader at a time.

My mandate was to recruit for soft skills which meant I did a lot of research. A respected colleague referred me to ProspectHR MMI. It was built by professional experts, based on scientific evidence and it’s turnkey – it’s what we chose and now I’m looking into their virtual MMI too.

Recruitment Manager
Canadian Municipality

Easily test for soft skills

Interview for essential and often hidden soft skills with a system that’s efficient, flexible and easy to implement and manage. With our pre-built system you’ll save time and stress.

Implement a proven system

ProspectHR MMI was developed by one of the world’s leading medical schools and has since been proven to be effective and efficient by independent, world-wide university research. See published evidence.

Trust scenarios created by experts

Ensure best practices and improve selection outcomes by implementing the MMI interview system with an exclusive database of  over 600 “ready to use” interview scenarios which our team continually reviews and updates.

Recruit for a better world

Build exceptional teams with ProspectHR MMI and be part of transforming your organization’s culture by reducing selection bias, increasing diversity and

selecting for soft skills and leadership character.

This is such a strategic opportunity, especially with recovery from a pandemic, to help recruiting to be more streamlined, online, effective, efficient, with proof of its efficacy. I wish I had this years ago, even pre pandemic, to recruit when I was the executive in charge of HR for the City of Toronto. From first line responders, to health professions, to planners and engineers, to HR staff, to lawyers, to customer service staff, to security personnel, to accountants, and to the myriad of other professionals who graced public service. As a HR professional, a lawyer, and an accountant, I only have one question. Where have you been all my life?

Brenda Glover
Former HR Executive Director for the City of Toronto,
Lawyer, CPA, Professor, and HR Management Consultant